"Tichondrius' first hardcore raiding guild with a casual raid schedule"


Early Beginnings (Burning Crusade)

Now the tagline up there may be a bit of an exaggeration (I think wer'e a server first in that regard, but I haven't studied Tichondrius' guild history that extensively), but it illuminates the focus and energy that flows throughout Most Wanted and its members.  Our raiding, from the inception of 25 man raiding late in BC (we started raiding late...when T6 progression was already underway but we didn't just "skip" T5 like a lot of other guilds on this server that started late) has always been about pushing content and training raiders how to raid the right way.  We grinded through T4 content, geared up our raiding core in Kara and then recruited for our very first 25 man in Gruul's Lair.  It was epic...it was retarded...it was everything in between.  Through these early trials and tribulations, we forged an officer core and veteran player base that was able to take us all the way through T6 and some of Sunwell, and we did it the "right way."  We didn't skip a tier, we didn't cheat our way through things...we developed our leadership, our organization, our members and we accomplished things that the other "hater" guilds said we never would.


Wrath of the Lich King

We continued our success in 25 mans and downed every boss in Wrath except Heroic Lich King/Halion.  We were one of the few guilds on this server to down Heroic Anubarak (pre ICC patch) and yet again accomplished things the hater guilds never thought possible.  Throughout all this, we've survived longer than any of the hater guilds on Tich, and we're still kicking today.



The new expansion brought us new content and new challenges that we have taken head on. We have received some well rounded and great recruits and still have some core veterans and officers that we have had since BC/LK. We still strive for the Most Wanted way of raiding: fun, dedicated, well-organized, short raid schedule progression.

Who are you and why are you reading this?

If you're reading this, maybe you're a new recruit.  Maybe you're interested in what Most Wanted has to offer you.  Well I can tell you, we offer a lot.  We have well run, organized raids with passionate and dedicated officers devoted to raid success.  We reduce the costs of raiding to all raiders through guild cauldrons, feasts, reduced price potions and guild repairs.  We post the up-to-date strategies in our forums and discuss with raid members areas to improve upon.  We log World of Log reports to give everyone a chance to see their performance and improve each week.  We provide ALL of the necessary tools for raiders to succeed...all that you have to do is research your class, know your itemization, stay on top of raid content, and SHOW UP!  Seventy-five percent of life (and WoW) is showing up, and being ready to listen and learn.


What we want from our members

If you're somebody who wants to push new content, maximize your character's potential, raid with a fun group of mature (but also hilarious) bunch of raiders, and not drown your personal lives in a 4-5 day a week raid schedule, then we want YOU!


Raid Specific Details and Officer Contacts

25 Man

Currently 6/8HM  Mon - Wed 9:30 pm to 12:30 am.  Officers: Anandrea, Dasphunk, Liarana, Windmonkey.