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PostPosted: Mon Oct 27 2:40 pm    Post subject: READ THIS BEFORE APPLYING

This applies to ALL applicants, PVP and PVE.

When applying, put a good amount of effort into answering the questions fully. Put as much information as you can into them. Answering some of the questions with a sentence or two is not okay. You're expected to explain with as much support and detail in your answers. Telling us "i use the best gems/spec/rotation/enchants/etc" is BS... anyone can say that. You have to actually tell us about your rotations, how you use your cooldowns, and specifically how you play that makes you great. If you have an unusual spec, explain why.

After applying, you NEED to check back in our forums for feedback on your application. We will not contact you in game, and any trials or concerns will be done through our forums. Also you should be online and ready to raid each of our main raid nights.

The following is expected of all of our applicants:
    1. Know everything about your class without us having to tell you. Spec, glyphs, gemming, enchants, proper rotation or spell selection should be perfect. This isn't a learning guild, we expect you to come in at the top of the game.

    2. Do your homework. You should be coming into hard modes or new boss fights knowing EXACTLY what to do. Reading strats and watching videos several times is a required at a minimum. After a night of progression wipes, you are expected to spend a good deal of time researching ways to improve the next time. That usually includes looking over the combat logs, re-reading strats, re-watching videos, and discussing things on the forums.

    3. Show up to every raid on time, and let us know ahead of time if you can't make it. If you can't make all of the raids on a regular basis, don't apply.

ALL APPLICANTS ARE EXPECTED TO KNOW THEIR CLASS AND ROLE VERY WELL. It's up to you to show your skill and experience through your application. We'll assume that the amount of effort put into the app will reflect on the effort you put into the guild. We are only interested in members with solid raid history in Cata.

Lastly this is a late night raiding guild. It might come to a shock to you that 3 or 4 weeks from now you're quite tired all day. A late night raiding guild is something you do because your schedule fits it, it doesn't work its way into your schedule. If you're not up to 11pm PST normally I would highly suggest that you look elsewhere for raiding opportunities. Staying up until 11pm 3 nights a week will take its toll on you if you're not prepared.